The biotechnological applications of transglutaminases

R. Collighan, J. Cortez, M. Griffin*

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Transglutaminases catalyse a diverse range of reactions leading to the modification of proteins and peptides such that their physical, chemical and biological properties become changed. They are found in many different living organisms and as a consequence display subtle differences in their biochemical and physical properties. It is therefore not surprising that this group of enzymes have been exploited as applied biocatalysts in a wide range of commercial sectors varying from the textile industry to the highly lucrative cosmetic industry. In addition the pathophysiological importance of this group of enzymes has increased significantly over the last decade with their involvement noted in a number of human diseases. As a consequence their identification as therapeutic targets or as monitoring aids for a range of different diseases has caused significant interest from the diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries. This review describes some of the current applications of transglutaminases together with their potential strategic importance and future uses.
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RevistaMinerva Biotecnologica
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - jun. 2002
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Evento7th International Conference on Transglutaminases and Protein Crosslinking Recactions - Ferrara
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