The bone marrow niche - the tumor microenvironment that ensures leukemia progression

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The human body requires a constant delivery of fresh blood cells that are needed to maintain body homeostasis. Hematopoiesis is the process that drives the formation of new blood cells from a single stem cell. This is a complex, orchestrated and tightly regulated process that occurs within the bone marrow. When such process is faulty or deregulated, leukemia arises, develops and thrives by subverting normal hematopoiesis and availing the supplies of this rich milieu.In this book chapter we will describe and characterize the bone marrow microenvironment and its key importance for leukemia expansion. The several components of the bone marrow niche, their interaction with the leukemic cells and the cellular pathways activated within the malignant cells will be emphasized. Finally, novel therapeutic strategies to target this sibling interaction will also be discussed.
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