The contribution of the psychomotor domain to the learning of reading and writing

A. P. Couceiro-Figueira, Célia Ribeiro, J. Santos, A. C. Ferreira de Almeida, S. Campos

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Introduction: Preschool education is the first phase of basic education responsible for the promotion of competences and the harmonious global development of children. By intervening in this stage, psychomotricity, considered as the education of thought through movement, has a fundamental role in motor development, affective and psychological, as well as in the prevention and identification of problems of learning, namely, reading and writing. Methodology: the purpose of our study was to relate psychomotor factors to reading and writing skills. It was an investigation quantitative and descriptive. We used tests related to the readiness to learn to read and write (Reading and Writing Skills Assessment Battery) and the psychomotor behavior was evaluated with the application of Vítor da Fonseca's Psychomotor Battery. Participating students attended the 1st year of the 1st Cycle of Basic Education in a public school. From a universe of 50 students, 21 students from two groups, of both sexes (11 females and 10 males), aged between 5 and 7 years, were randomly selected, being used as an exclusion criterion to the participation in some intensive program of psychomotor stimulation. Results: It was possible to verify that the learnings are favored by the psychomotor domain, namely, in the level of body development, laterality, spatial and temporal structuring. Conclusion: It is therefore important that parents, teachers and special education technicians, who deal with children in this phase of transition to the 1 st cycle, are aware, know and understand the importance of a maturation and consolidation of the prerequisites for school learnings.
Idioma originalEnglish
Título da publicação do anfitriãoEDULEARN19 Proceedings
Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 1 jul 2019

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