The filipino spirit is [not] waterproof: creative placeproofing in post-disaster philippines

Brian Jay de Lima Ambulo*

*Autor correspondente para este trabalho

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As someone born and raised in the Philippines, the frequency of experiencing natural hazards is nothing new to me. My earliest, faintest memory of this ‘interaction’ was in 1995 with Typhoon Rosing, one of the earliest categorised as a super typhoon. I was four years old at that time and seeing some parts of our roof and ceiling effortlessly carried by a 290 km/h howling, sustained wind was something to be remembered. We were fortunate to be situated in a high-elevated mountain area, far from flood-prone locations. We neither evacuated nor got displaced, but it was one of the longest eight hours of my life.

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Título da publicação do anfitriãoTrauma informed placemaking
EditoresCara Courage, Anita Mckeown
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