The importance of emotional competencies in the leadership of the school

C. Ribeiro, S. Campos, M. L. Coelho, A. P. Couceiro-Figueira, A. C. Ferreira de Almeida

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Introduction: In the current social context, Man is understood as a whole, in interaction with the environment that surrounds him, in which the concept of emotional intelligence allows him to live and regulate all actions in the reach of personal well-being. Methodology: This study aims to know the characteristics of emotional intelligence that guide the action of the school director and what perspectives teachers and operational assistants have regarding the way leadership is carried out. A mixed methodology of qualitative and quantitative nature was used. In the method of quantitative data collection, the instrument used was a questionnaire with the socio-demographic characterization and Emotional Intelligence Scale constructed by Moreno (2012). In the qualitative method we opted for the semi-structured interview. The sample consists of 131 subjects, 3 school directors, 100 teachers and 28 operational assistants. Results: The results show the three directors with the perception that they have good emotional (personal and social) competences for the performance of the position. For the remaining groups, teachers and operational assistants, despite the recognition of innumerable characteristics of emotional intelligence, they consider that their directors do not always manifest it (apply). Conclusion: The conclusions of this study highlight the fact that the leader plays a decisive role in the dynamism of the groups, insofar as it promotes the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. It is noticed that the need for investment in human resources management, at the personal, professional and social level, is a condition for the success of organizations.
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EditoraIATED Academy
ISBN (impresso)9788409120314
Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 2019
Evento11th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies - Palma
Duração: 1 jul. 20193 jul. 2019

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NomeEDULEARN19 Proceedings


Conferência11th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies

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