The importance of social marketing in skin cancer prevention: the case of Portugal

Susana C. Silva, Paulo Duarte, Juliana Correia

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Sun-tanned skin was once associated with the sun-exposed manual labour of individuals. However, this association has changed dramatically, and tanned skin has become a standard of beauty in Western society. Tanned skin is therefore glorified and sought after, making people feel pressured to conform to standards. Current scientific and medical studies indicate that there is a clear link between sun exposure and skin cancer and consequently with quality of life (QoL). Social marketing effects behaviour change, improving the quality of life of the target group as a result of that change. This case-study is based on social marketing campaigns by the Portuguese Skin Cancer Association warning people about the dangers of excessive sun exposure. Qualitative analysis of the benefits, challenges, and outcomes of the campaigns according to the people involved are presented and discussed. The results show that despite the campaigns devoted to sun exposure dangers, individuals have psychological resistance to adopting behaviours that have the potential to benefit their health and QoL in the future. To face the challenges of skin cancer prevention, the organisations involved must diversify the location of their campaigns, look for additional support from national and local authorities, and invest in social media marketing strategies.
Idioma originalEnglish
Título da publicação do anfitriãoThe importace of social marketing in skin cancer prevention
Subtítulo da publicação do anfitriãothe case of Portugal
EditoresM. Mercedes Galan-Ladero, Reynaldo G. Rivera
Número de páginas15
ISBN (eletrónico)9783030832865
ISBN (impresso)9783030832858
Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 2021

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