The lining of canvas paintings with seams

Ana Braamcamp de Figueiredo, Maria Aguiar

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Large painting supports were often created by seeing together several pieces of canvas. The lining problem caused by the adhesion of a new support to canvases with seams have been solved by conservators in different ways. A survey has been undertaken to evaluate the efficiency of five systems by making models and submitting them to tension until fracture with a dynamometer Hounsfield H10K-S® at stable environmental conditions (20 ºC, 65% RH). For lining, we used BEVA 371® as adhesive and four types of reinforcement fabric: linen, sized linen, polyester (Trevira C.S. ISPRA®) and sized polyester. We concluded that lining canvases with seams improves their mechanical resistance; that it is preferable to apply an interleaf to offset the seam relief; that the polyester textile used presents an inferior performance; and that the use of Reemay as mid-material improves the mechanical behaviour of linen textile.
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