The prevalence of acne among a group of Portuguese medical students

G. Gonçalves*, J. M. Amado, M. E. Matos, A. Massa

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Background Worldwide, very few studies have been published on the prevalence of acne among university students. Objective The main objective of this study was to estimate the prevalence of acne among Portuguese medical students. We also assessed associated factors and opinions. Methods Participants were recruited among 145 fifth year medical students. They were asked to complete a questionnaire, and were observed to grade their acne. Acne grading was done using Pillsbury criteria. Results Ninety-eight students were assessed and returned the self-completed questionnaire, 67 (68%) were female students and 31 (32%) male students. The observed prevalence of acne was 61 students (62.2%); 42 (69%) and 18 (30%) had acne grades I and II, respectively; only one was classified as grade III. The prevalence of acne was not significantly associated with gender (P = 0.72), family history of acne (P = 0.65), greasy hair (P = 0.18), smoking habits (P = 0.25) or self-perceived presence of acne (P = 0.48). Regularity of menstrual cycles was not associated (P = 0.73) with the presence of acne among the 67 women. The majority thought that acne strongly affects self-image and, to a much lesser extent, personal relationships, academic performance or recruitment to a job. Conclusion The prevalence of acne in this study was higher than that observed in previous studies among medical students and other non-university young adults. Opinions about the causes of acne (with hormones in top of the list) were similar to previous studies. Our study sample perceived more serious consequences for self-image than university students elsewhere and younger Portuguese school children.

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RevistaJournal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology
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