The success rate of the adhesive partial fixed prosthesis after five years: a systematic review

Maria Catarina Santos, Luis Azevedo, Patrícia Fonseca, Pedro Couto Viana, Filipe Araújo, Eduardo Villarinho, Gustavo Vicentis Oliveira Fernandes*, André Correia*

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Objective: Evaluation of the success and/or survival rates of resin-bonded fixed partial dentures (RBFPDs) reported in the scientific literature with a minimum average observation time of five years. Materials and Methods: Search conducted in Pubmed, Web of Science, and Cochrane databases in free-text format and MESH terms, until May 2021. The random-effects model was used for the estimated survival rate, percentage per year of estimated failure, and existing complications for the meta-analysis. Study heterogeneity was assessed by the inconsistency test (I2) and study quality by the Downs and Black scale. Results: Eleven articles were included, with 687 participants and 783 RBFPDs, with a mean observation time of 8.2 years, with success rates mentioned in three articles and survival rates reported in nine articles. A total of 142 failures were reported for 783 prostheses, the most frequent being debonding. The estimated failure rate was between 0.53% and 5.10% per year. The studies were of sufficient quality. In the meta-analysis, the survival rates showed a significant result (p < 0.001), with moderate heterogeneity (I2 = 58.76%). Conclusions: Within the limitations of this research, mainly related to the heterogeneity of the studies and their quality, it seems possible to conclude that RBFPDs are a viable clinical option for the rehabilitation of patients with single edentulous spaces, mainly when using a single retainer and a zirconia-ceramic prosthesis.

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