Unleashing creative synergies: a mixed-method case study in music education classrooms

Mário Anibal Cardoso, Elsa Maria Gabriel Morgado, Levi Leonido*

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Algorithmic music composition has been gaining prominence and recognition as an innovative approach to music education, providing students with opportunities to explore creativity, computational thinking, and musical knowledge. This study aims to investigate the impact of integrating algorithmic music composition in the classroom, examining its influence on student engagement, musical knowledge, and creative expression, as well as to enhance computational thinking skills. A mixed-method case study was conducted in three Basic Music Education classrooms in the north of Portugal, involving 71 participants (68 students and 3 music teachers). The results reveal: (i) both successes and challenges in integrating computational thinking concepts and practices; (ii) pedagogical benefits of integrating programming platforms, where programming concepts overlapped with music learning outcomes; and (iii) positive impact on participants’ programming self-confidence and recognition of programming’s importance. Integrating algorithmic music composition in the classroom positively influences student engagement, musical knowledge, and creative expression. The use of algorithmic techniques provides a novel and engaging platform for students to explore music composition, fostering their creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. Educators can leverage algorithmic music composition as an effective pedagogical approach to enhance music education, allowing students to develop a deeper understanding of music theory and fostering their artistic expression. Future research should contribute to the successful integration of digital technologies in the Portuguese curriculum by further exploring the long-term effects and potential applications of algorithmic music composition in different educational contexts.

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RevistaApplied Sciences (Switzerland)
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 31 ago. 2023

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