Use of various sugarcane byproducts to produce lipid extracts with bioactive properties: physicochemical and biological characterization

Joana Odila Pereira*, Diana Oliveira, Margarida Faustino, Susana S. M. P. Vidigal, Ana Margarida Pereira, Carlos M. H. Ferreira, Ana Sofia Oliveira, Joana Durão, Luís M. Rodríguez-Alcalá, Manuela E. Pintado, Ana Raquel Madureira, Ana P. Carvalho

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Sugarcane, a globally cultivated crop constituting nearly 80% of total sugar production, yields residues from harvesting and sugar production known for their renewable bioactive compounds with health-promoting properties. Despite previous studies, the intricate interplay of extracts from diverse sugarcane byproducts and their biological attributes remains underexplored. This study focused on extracting the lipid fraction from a blend of selected sugarcane byproducts (straw, bagasse, and filter cake) using ethanol. The resulting extract underwent comprehensive characterization, including physicochemical analysis (FT-IR, DSC, particle size distribution, and color) and chemical composition assessment (GC-MS). The biological properties were evaluated through antihypertensive (ACE), anticholesterolemic (HMG-CoA reductase), and antidiabetic (alpha-glucosidase and Dipeptidyl Peptidase-IV) assays, alongside in vitro biocompatibility assessments in Caco-2 and Hep G2 cells. The phytochemicals identified, such as β-sitosterol and 1-octacosanol, likely contribute to the extract’s antidiabetic, anticholesterolemic, and antihypertensive potential, given their association with various beneficial bioactivities. The extract exhibited substantial antidiabetic effects, inhibiting α-glucosidase (5–60%) and DPP-IV activity (25–100%), anticholesterolemic potential with HMG-CoA reductase inhibition (11.4–63.2%), and antihypertensive properties through ACE inhibition (24.0–27.3%). These findings lay the groundwork for incorporating these ingredients into the development of food supplements or nutraceuticals, offering potential for preventing and managing metabolic syndrome-associated conditions.
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