What is moving right now?

Elton Junior Martins Marques

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This paper suggests an answer to a rarely approached question on the model known as the Moving Spotlight Theory (MST). Its advantage lies in that it adds to the debate a clear view of the kind of nature that might correspond to the ‘moving spotlight’ responsible for the passage of time. More specifically, our theory indi - cates clearly what kind of thing about which the mod - el’s spotlight can tell us. The paper’s main goal is not the defense of the moving spotlight as a theory itself, but an approach for understanding the metaphor at the core of this theory. To achieve our purpose, we bring to the main thesis and promote the union of two components: a) the present is the awareness of our mental states and b) the flow of our awareness or our mental states should correspond to the passage of time and to the spotlight itself. We hope to indicate what is required to correspond to the “spotlight” in an illuminating way and address anticipated difficulties.
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 15 set. 2020
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