Releitura da dimensão batismal no contexto da Igreja da Europa do século XXI

  • Vítor Celestino de Carvalho Pauseiro (Aluno)

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Today Europe faces great challenges which is based on social changes with major implications on the Christian Church and in the way faith is lived. The new challenges, at the beginning of the third Millennium, involve, on one hand, the renewal of Christian communities and by understanding the sacramental meaning of the Baptism. On the other hand, at a time that church tends to be seen as a “service center”, the sacramento of Baptism is losing its importance within Christianity. In an environment, more and more secularist, it’s important to educate from themeaning of the sacraments and, particularly, the Baptism as the first of the Christian initiation. Its understanding will be relevant to reflect on faith, in pointing out new paths which envolve eclesial structures, local comunnities but also the new eclesial movements that somehow divert the attention of the Christian in what is the “Christian identity”. Facing an increasingly plural reality, concerns arise, particularly in Europe, to which the new evangelization is preparing to respond and, in this way, indicate paths of faith that begin when the sacrament of Baptism is received. This will be one of the challenges that the 21st century Church will have to face.
Data do prémio13 mai. 2022
Idioma originalPortuguese
Instituição de premiação
  • Universidade Católica Portuguesa
SupervisorNuno Miguel dos Santos (Supervisor)


  • Secularismo
  • Batismo
  • Igreja
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